About The Beautiful Music Series

The Beautiful Music is a series of compilations of great artists from across the world.

We do not select artists and music based on their popularity or charts placement, but we emphasize on the quality of the sound recordings, the level of the artist's creativity, the message in which the artist is trying to convey, and the entire creative concept of the artist or project. 

We love and celebrate great music by also giving unknown and independent artists the opportunity to release and present their creative works to the world.



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The Best Of Maddie EP
Luxury Moods Vol. 1
Mystic Moods Vol. 1
Maddie Poppe - Things I'd Rather Do
Chillout Moods 3
The Greatest Love and Romantic Songs
Ooh Nah Nah by Maddie Poppe
Chill Out Vol. 2
Reggae & Dancehall Vol. 1
Chill Out Vol. 1
Tech House Moods Vol. 1
Juanpa Y Lenny The Best Of Latin Ch
Deep House Moods Vol. 1
African Moods Vol. 1
Progressive House Moods Vol. 1
Olga Fulga
Juanpa Y Lenny Te Amo Mama
Minimal Moods Vol. 1

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