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Children are the future. The future is now.

Whatever we feed them mentally, psychologically and physically is going to affect the future of the world in which we are living. (King Kussu)


During the entire human history, there has never been a culture as powerful and influential as the Hip Hop culture. Our vision is to make sure that the Hip Hop culture influences kids and the younger generations in a positive, responsible and constructive way.  


We are creating a platform that would provide and guide children with general and artistic knowledge they need in order to become great artists, poets, producers, in short great creative beings, responsible and conscious citizens.

HipHop.Kids is aimed to empower children and unleash their creative potentials while teaching and guide them to become better citizens and great leaders. Many kids have visions of becoming famous and popular figures in the society, however, being popular comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a popular figure, you have the power to influence people with your lyrics, your tweets, your opinions, music, your arts, your videos, your films, etc.

We are creating an awareness so that kids can learn in their early age and understand why it is so important to be a responsible and a conscious human being.

Music Class
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